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Why Sell Your Utah Home in the Winter?

A lot of people think that the winter is a bad time to sell a home, but this simply isn’t true. Homes sell year-round, and there are actually quite a few benefits to selling right now. Today I’ll show you five reasons why now is a good time to sell.

  1. Inventory is traditionally very low right now. This means if you put your home on the market, it has a much higher chance of selling. Less competition means a faster and more profitable sale for you.
  2. Buyers are very serious and highly motivated to purchase a home. During the spring and summer you get a lot of people who are only looking around, and not actually serious about buying a home. Anybody who is willing to trudge through the snow is probably very serious about purchasing. These buyers are usually motivated for tax purposes or job relocations that force them to find housing immediately.
  3. Inventory will substantially increase after the winter months. This is your opportunity to stand out before all of the other sellers get onto the market. Don’t wait until spring – the market will be crowded at that point!
  4. You can sell your home now and move later. This can easily be accomplished with a rent-back or another simple contingency agreement.
  5. People simply have more time to look at homes during the winter. There’s just a lot less going on during this time of year.

If you have been thinking about selling your home in Utah, I urge you to speak with me. We’re expecting some increased demand because of rising interest rates, so now is a great time to sell a home!


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